The Internet has transformed our business, websites now account for the majority of our projects. The websites we work on vary from establishing online presence for a new company, revamping or updating an older site, creating e-Commerce solutions, developing online database portals, or even bringing intra-business solutions to the web.  Some are simple, others are Flash based, some are dynamic and data driven, while others are replacement for desktop applications. It is an ever-changing segment with new capabilities becoming available all the time.

Software Applications,

Our first project was a PC-based technical product reference for a manufacturer, allowing users to look / zoom / print through CAD illustrations without having to purchase an expensive CAD software package like AutoCAD. Then came the CD-ROM catalogs, replacement for expensive printed documentation that became obsolete the minute they were printed. Over the years, and with the help of new technologies, the possibilities have grown to include Client-Server, Multi-Tiered business solutions, product selection wizards, complex computational applications, and much more.


Whether built for a web site or Windows application, or to support corporate data organization and search needs, Database Consulting has become a core service among our offerings. Mostly SQL Server based, today’s database solutions bring extreme speed to astounding amounts of data when designed correctly. To this day we see customers waiting on a data search of a table with 20 or 30 thousand records, there is simply no reason for that.  The science of Normalization and hierarchal data design with today’s powerful database engines have made it possible to store all the data a company has and make it searchable with seemingly instant results.

Utilities and Tools,

Simple, one-trick applications that are usually the result of a "Can I do this…." question.  We get phone calls or emails that need a solution for something not available off the shelf:

  • Can I get an email notification when someone changes a file in this directory?
  • Can we delete these files on the sixth day of every month?
  • How about an email when this Part Number is mentioned in a website or blog?
  • A nightly database report on seemingly unrelated data?

The possibilities are endless and so are the solutions.


After creating some very complex websites, we ran into the problem of finding service providers that can accommodate the technology and platforms we are using. Now we host most of the solutions we create, allowing us to offer integrated solutions between website, database, email, calendaring, and content. It also allowed us to address one of the most common requests we get: Can our office share contacts and calendars at different locations or while on the road?

Our hosting is about the newest technology, cutting edge shopping carts, the latest SPAM filters, direct delivery of emails to your mobile, collaboration intranets, file sharing, and all the other new things you read about in the latest publications.